The company's products should be a wide range of best-selling national, bulk export machine tools to Europe and America, Australia and southeast Asia.29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the whole country, set up more than 100 sales and service outlets, and in Beijing, shenyang, Shanghai, nanjing, wuhan, guangzhou, kunming and urumqi and other agencies set up a company, also set up 72 machine tools abroad outlets, for users at home and abroad to provide the machine sales, parts supply, maintenance, technical advice and other services."Pre-sale is staff, sale is a friend, after-sale is a partner"Commitment: the implementation of 24-hour service to users in place, users can not think of things we want to think of, customers do not want to do things we take the initiative to do, users of the "central Asia" brand series of machine tool quality, service, credibility firm.
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